I understand that as a companion, my expected role is to facilitate fantasies or be a fantasy version of myself, but the best experiences are born from a safe space where we can both be as genuine and authentic as possible in how we interact emotionally and sexually.

I have no desire to spend time with men who quantify their experiences with companions, solely basing their level of satisfaction and money’s worth on the number of acronyms/rounds they can achieve during a date. This is a sad, mechanical, and dehumanizing approach to sex and companionship.

Like healthy relationships of any sort, companionship is about nurturing simple, fun, and mutually rewarding friendships that are built on managed expectations, respecting each other’s boundaries, and communication. I seek to build relationships with men who can handle and appreciate the nature and ease of these friendships, and understand that it is unfair and beyond my capacity to give lovers my time, energy, and attention outside of our allotted time together.

Based on my countless reviews, you can get an idea of what a Wylde™ experience is like.

When we spend time together, the ideal date for me entails us going with the flow of our natural chemistry and curiously learning what we can inspire and bring out in each other. The dynamic we share could be sensual & passionate, rough & kinky, or a beautiful balance of both. Perhaps we may also connect more deeply on an emotional level and find ourselves lost in introspection or an existential conversation. As long as you are chill, open-minded, and respectful, and seek authenticity, the possibilities of how we’ll connect and add value to each other’s lives are endless. 

I am a genuine, curious, and multi-faceted cutie pie that you will love to get to know and explore— I promise.