Since 2015, many lovers have written love letters on our time together. Here is a collection of review excerpts. Reviews can be found on TERB, PERB, MERB, and TER.


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— May 26, 2019 —

“Sasha is soft spoken, but articulate, and is an attentive listener. Her chill demeanor will have you relaxed and comfortable. You are entering her world, and it's a damn intoxicating place to be. She is CBC personified. Enough of an edge but balanced enough to exude an unapologetic Asian beauty…

Sasha's all natural curvy body in such a petite athletic frame had me pause for a bit and shut the fuck up, as I'm usually a talkative person, like an idiot sometimes. Natural breasts and an amazing booty with a beautiful heart shaped face with long draped black hair. Dime Piece. Her website photos don't lie, folks. Expect the beauty with an edge…

… Sasha's oral skills are what you would expect, amazing that a small mouth can do the greatest things. I will be even more basic and also say the sight of her ample booty riding, brought a tear to my eye more so than a full moonlit ocean in the south pacific ever will… ”

— PERB: Sasha Wylde: Fun CBC Companionship

— May 2019 —

“As soon as the door opened, I was happy. She's a pretty CBC girl, with absolutely wild curves. She's also one of the best kissers I've encountered. And things only got better from there…

…Sasha does Greek, all inclusive. And the reviews I'd seen suggested that she's into it. I wasnt sure I'd partake, but one look at her curvy butt and I knew I needed it. She was game and on the condom went. We took at slow at first, but once things got going, she really took it. She felt fucking fantastic, and her verbal encouragement only added to the experience. Really, that was one of the best thing I've ever done. I'll be back for more.”

— TER: https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/detail/sasha-wylde-review-by-contactsolution-2197051

— May 3rd, 2019 —

“My first visit was about a year ago when she started touring in Vancouver and since then she became my regular. So I am pretty happy she just get her own incall in Vancouver, as she will be around more often and bookings should be easier and faster.

She is a sweet and beautiful tiny CBC girl (around 26), look classy despite her colorful tattoos and a bit shy at first but we quickly break the ice as she definitely knows how to make you feel comfortable. She has beautiful natural boobs (C cup: pretty rare these days), a very pretty face and a great spinner body.

…. She is a very sweet girl with a great attitude and her service is always impeccable. She is also smart and can hold a conversation which is a plus if you want to go for a date. So take a good care of her and enjoy your time.”

— PERB: Sasha Wylde

— April, 2019 —

“… this girl shouldn't be a secrete -Sasha Wylde, she is simply top shelf.”

“… I would have to list Sasha Wylde as the top. Great looks, great personality, adventureous, arousing, sexy and extremely fun. I would highly recommend.”

— TERB: Comments under “Top Asian SP Today”

— January, 2019 —

“Sasha is the best looking asian provider I have seen and seems to enjoy herself. Hopefully she continues to visit from her base in Toronto, I am looking forward into seeing her again and indulging more into her menu.”

— TER: https://www.theeroticreview.com/reviews/detail/sasha-wylde-review-by-elect27-2196419

- December 16, 2018 -

“when you say Greece or Greek and don't say Sasha Wylde in the same sentence. The Greek gods get angry and we don't want that.”

TERB: A trip to greece may be just what the doc ordered to cure my ails!

- November 7, 2018 -

“I've seen her a few times, super chill person with amazing attitude, she absolutely loves sex and the best part is Greek is included with her services not to mention great kisser. You will not be disappointed and you will definitely be walking on cloud 9 after your experience”

PERB: Anybody have a recent SASHA WYLDE visit

- November 2, 2018 -

“Let me tell you the tale of one of the most marvelous woman I have gotten the chance to be acquainted with, non-other than the luxurious Greek Goddess, the lovely CBC companion Sasha Wylde. Our first encounter was a genuine experience where we talked(or rather I did because my life story is a bit of an odd one) for over an hour and of coarse we had an amazing experience of the body, where I had the best fellatio of my life.
I am not going to go into details about numbers and acronyms as that is not my style and it is greater to imagine those things then to call them by their slang words.

Anyhow funny how four months past but the young Goddess still remembers details of my personal life/stories, that just shows the amount of care and genuineness she has.”

PERB: Goddess of Love - The Extraordinary Experience (WyldeTM)

- October 18, 2018 -

Going into my second session, I mused about what I could possibly do to enjoy a longer one-shot experience? I chatted with Sasha about some of my ideas and our second session was a fantastic exploration of some light BDSM and extensive foreplay. Quite simply one of the best SP experiences ever. I really appreciated some of the creativity and initiative she took, in a very subtle way, to help me keep exploring new territory.

… I think I've figured out that Sasha's appeal is that she is the perfect intersection of edgy, interesting and intelligent student, chill and classy lady, and insatiable little slut. Hence.. I have a new ATF.”

— PERB: Sasha Wylde Redux

- August 29, 2018 -

"When the time comes I went up to her room and there she stood behind the door. An Asian beauty with a stunning face and amazing body. All natural. After a quick shower I came out to see her on the bed ready. We went straight into some lfk and in no time involved into dfk. Her unique kissing technique was fantastic. I felt a real sense of connection like the perfect girl friend. We spent a good amount of time making out and I didn't want to stop. She offered bj and it was sensual and intense. It was a little too intense for me which got me to finishing round 1. We chat a bit while I regroup myself. She is really easy to talk to and before long we were making out again. Since she offer Greek I thought I would try it out for the first time. It was an eye opening experience. I think I would definitely like to do that again next time. An amazing experience from the beginning to end. Can't wait to see her again on her next tour."

— PERB: Sasha Wylde from T.O.

- August 10, 2018 -

"Sasha is still one of my all-time favs. I find her very attractive, she has a great sexual aura about her, she's great at roleplay, is very open-minded, and I love that she enjoys greek. I would definitely repeat weekly if I was located DT."

— TERB: Comment under "An in depth review of Sasha Wylde from a beginners perspective"

- August 2, 2018 -

"Sasha is one of the best kissers I have been with. She is a small bundle of fun and sexy. I didn't get to visit the islands with her but her BJ was worth the price of admission. It is near impossible for me to blow from a BJ but she would have done it. Amazing girl, don't miss her out next time she is in town."

— PERB: July short batch reviews

- July 31, 2018 -

"If you haven't seen Sasha yet, or it's been a while, I strongly suggest you give her a shout. She's cute, sweet, and professional. I do recommend 90 minutes to 2 hours for the session. 1 hour is not enough for her to work her magic. I still regret the decision of doing 1 hour only."

TERB: An in depth review of Sasha Wylde from a beginners perspective

- July 28, 2018 -

"When I was greeted by her I was like wow. At the same time she reminded me of an ex I had. She has a few tattoos on her arms and her body looks exactly like the pics. For some reason I find that the pics dont ever look like the providers (in Vancouver). Someone mentioned she looks like Lucy Lee but I would disagree and say she looks more like Kendra Spade. Amazing bj and kissing. For some reason I was having an off day that day so we ended up mostly talking."

— PERB: Few Reviews: 1122, Outlook, Candy vs Riri, Wylde

- July 25, 2018 -

"I decided to treat myself to my own “Summerlicious” treat this week! So I asked Sasha who she would like to join us in some serious debauchery, her reply, Carmen Flavia! Needless to say both Sasha and Carmen have been reviewed with raves, so I knew it was going to be a blast!
Sasha coordinated our 1.5 hr date, and everything was as I requested when I arrived. The ladies both looked Uber hot, and were bubbling with excitement!
After some chatting over some red wine and Silver Surfer Haze, I excused myself for a quick shower, because I knew it was going to get VERY dirty!...

... Needless to say, Sasha and Carmen are gems, and for their first time together they were dynamite. My only regret is not booking more time!"

TERB: Summerlicious - Wylde & Flavia Duo

- July 21, 2018 -

"Darn this meet was more intense than the last. Went on for like 45min (thank you kegel exercises) with breaks in between cuz everyone knows her bj skills are intense. 
I didn't even cum after which kinda sounds like the opposite of what youd want but tbh the kissing and love making sesh was so enjoyable I didnt feel the need to finish.
I think Im getting a little addicted to the Wylde experience
Always such a treat when Sasha is in town..till the next time"

 — PERB: Comment under "Sweet Goddess - Sasha Wylde"

- July 17, 2018 -

"...such a nice person and provides great service. You won’t want to leave after your time is done."

— TERB: Comment under "any popular sp you see in downtown regularly?"

- July 10, 2018 -

"Oh my god I'm going to cum... this is better than Deadpool 2."

— A Special Lover, during our rendezvous

- June 27, 2018 -

"I also have had the pleasure of meeting Sasha, a couple of months before she went independent. I haven’t seen her since but would love to. She is a beautiful, sweet, sensuous sexy lady with a sexual appetite that is unending. An incredible lady that is worth every penny that she sees fit to request"

TERB: Comment

- June 23, 2018 -

"Had the pleasure of meeting Sasha earlier this week. She is a delight. Pretty face, great (and fit) body, greek was unforgettable and, above all, she is highly sensual.. true, genuine GFE feel in how she connects."

TERB: Comment

- June 3, 2018 -

"... when the door opened there stood this tiny little bombshell wearing white lace panties and bra, I walked in and pretty much drooled watching her bubbly little ass as she walked ahead of me.

I had a blast with her, she is fun to talk to and even better when it gets down to business. The 90 mins went by way too fast, and sadly I only managed 1 SOG as we were too involved in our conversation cuddled together on the bed.

My second visit was in the building where she met me down stairs, and I was again floored, as she was wearing tight jeans and heels (she was maybe 5'4 with heels on lol)...

...This time, things we hotter and more passionate, and wow I have to say she is amazing and I did experience the "Wylde Experience"! Both times the oral both giving and receiving was great, and I am glad to now know why she is a Greek Islands specialist. The two hours flew by faster than the 90 mins did and again we got caught up in talking, which is not a bad thing, it was great and natural.

Any questions just PM me, and please guys treat her well, she is a true gem (that and I want her to come back to MTL more often lol)

Will I repeat, hells yes! Looking forward to her next visit anxiously!"

MERB: Comment under "Sasha Wylde -- Touring Indy"

- June 1, 2018 -

"She was stunning tho, and her attitude is amazing. as far as her service, she is definitely good and would recommend her as for repeat, Probably just because of her attitude."

PERB: Comment under "Sasha Wylde - A Mediterranean Island Excursion"

- May 29, 2018 - 

"... She looks exactly as she does in her photos. Her face does resemble a little like Lucy Lee (Asian porn star) but Sasha’s eyes are more pleasant. She speaks well and has a natural prettiness about her visage. She wore minimal makeup. 

... I really enjoyed my first business-class flight to Greece.

Thank you Sasha! I will be at Flight Center booking my next trip soon."

PERB: Sasha Wylde - A Mediterranean Island Excursion

- May 29, 2018 -


"What can one say about Sasha that wasn't said during her days with TGF (they retired her NAME, if that's any clue) and now since she is an indy. The word legend gets thrown around way too easily these days, but Sasha IS a legend.

... As soon as you walk through the door and cast your eyes on those sexy sinful curves and see those eyes and lips, you know you are in great trouble. After the shower and the formalities, you forget you are with an SP, and instead get lost in a truly fiery companion. Just the right amount of kissing, that gets deeper and wetter with every passing moment...

... Never ever hesitate to book. Her donation includes the works, and her personality will make you realize there is a difference between a good SP and a great one. Sasha is the latter."

TER: Sasha Wylde 


- May 28, 2018 -

"I finally met Sasha today and it was absolutely incredible. Amazing experience all around. She is cute looking but freak in sheets, really good kisser. I would highly recommend and repeat."

PERB: Comment under "Sasha Wylde - CBC Vixen"


- May 22, 2018 -

"... she is just so cool, friendly, and welcoming... I found her to be beautiful, nice smile, petite and curvy, but very toned. Really model/fantasy territory for me. I basically just did whatever she told me to do to her for about an hour, forty minutes and it was great!

I hope to plan my next trip around her touring Montreal again."

MERB: Sasha Wylde - Touring Indy


- May 9, 2018 - 

Booking: Very easy, through Texts and Email
Looks Ive a soft spot for Japenese/Korean Canadians, not sure what type of asian she is, but she looks Korean Canadian Asian. So seductive, well put together, petite frame, accurate pics. 10/10
Service: She does not leave anything on the menu , this woman loves Greek. She took my Greek virginity away too, be prepared for the WYLDE cat 10/10
Boobs: B-C cups, very nice 10/10
Attitude: This lady will make you feel like you are about to commensurate with her. Such a passionate young Lady 10/10

PERB: Sasha Wylde


- May 2, 2018-

"When the door opened, there stood a gorgeous, petite CBC vixen with a bright smile on her face. She is fit and curvy in the right places. 5 feet tall… beautiful long black hair… tasteful tattoos… full, natural C-cup rack… plump ass on her small body. She looks so much better in person.

... Sasha’s service can only be described as energetic and passionate. She is just as sensual as she is open-minded. She goes from passionately kissing you and slowly grinding you, to giving you the
sloppiest head of your life! Jesus. And of course, after warming her up with her big butt plug, I had to take a trip to Greece (which is included in her rate). She can take a good pounding once you ease yourself in. One of the best anal experiences I’ve ever had. Round two: her pussy was just as tight. Seeing her rub her clit to climax in mish was incredible! I also love how well she responded to my dirty talking.

Overall it was a pleasure getting to know her. Our encounter taught me that not only is Sasha indeed very Wylde, but she is also funny, adorable, and very laidback."

PERB: Sasha Wylde - CBC Vixen


-May 2, 2018-

" ...When the door opened I was greeted warmly by a gorgeous woman. I'd describe Sasha a Cute + DDG with a slim body and curves at the right places.

Our encounter was extremely passionate and raunchy, just the way I like it; Lots of wet kisses, super sloppy BBBJ (I had to do math in my head to not blow it during DT), DATO and DATY followed by the best greek action I've had.

In Sasha's PSE, I felt like the Porn star.

I enjoyed my time with Sasha and hope to see her again sometime."


TERB: The Sasha Wylde Experience



-April 28, 2018-

"Treated myself to a birthday treat, and visited Sasha; www.sasha-wylde.com her DT incall. Which is in a great location in the heart of the financial district. Booking was a breeze, she promptly replied and everything was set and ready. Sasha let me in, wearing my requested outfit and with a naugthy grin and almost giggled, “your cute”. The rest was pure carnal pleasure. Sasha may be petite, but she has the most amazing breasts and KILLER ass! She is an absolute sweetheart, who loves what she does, and loves to rock your world. Time flew by, but she’s not a clock watcher, just a sheer sexy delight. Afterwards we chatted about what we haven’t tried and found out we need to meet up again - to scratch a few things off the bucket list, so to speak, lol!"

TERB:  Wylde Birthday Treat


-April 4, 2018-

"... She’s tiny, but very shapely (see for yourself on her website). I’m not a tall guy, so I have a personal preference for the smaller girls I can throw around like this. 

... Her menu is pretty solid for her rate! You want another awesome, hot & slutty CBC then look no further than Sasha Wylde™!

PERB: A Walk on the Wylde Side - Sasha Wylde™



-March 26, 2018-


Ahh Sasha...
This was probably the best experience I have ever had.

Acronyms and numbers cannot ever describe how amazing Sasha is...

Went up to the place, I was a bit uneasy as it was my first time at a hotel but that soon went all away. I was greeted by this lovely, beautiful, young asian gal. Damn she looked stunning. You can't say she looks like a girl next door cuz she more like a super models you see on IG and magazines. Don't trust me? Peruse the interwebs and see for yourself. So I took a quick shower then hopped onto the bed...

... Okay the great thing I love about Sasha other then her beauty is her personality. She's friendly and is really easy to talk to even with someone as shy and closed off like me. I guess the age and ethnic similarly helps but truely she's fun to talk to and it's like you're having a conversation with good close friend. Like having a real girlfriend to listening to your concerns and even giving back input and brainstorming ideas on your career. Hehe

Did I miss anything? Oh it's great that she tells you what she wants, slow down, harder, faster...and it's best to comply with a goddess' wishes. 
Didn't get to lose my greek virginity but I guess thats for another time...

— PERB: Sweet Goddess - Sasha Wylde


- March 11, 2018 -

"What can I say that hasn't been said about this Wylde child (It's on her Twitter). She is Indy now and I like it. This girl has taken her game to the next level. 

Booking was smooth and the email exchange was prompt and detailed. No delays

Wild, wild, wild
When I'm with you, all I get is wild thoughts
Wild, wild, wild
When I'm with you, all I get is wild thoughts

Highlights for me

- Started with BBBJ asked for the slow and sensual one because this one wanted to deep throat it right away. She starts slow with a few kisses and licks and slowly getting it wet. Slow and sensual moves to the nuts and then some Face Fucking thrown in with deep throat. She is good
- DFK was available
- DATY was good, hygiene was good.
- Her moans and how she moves her body in FS is a sight to see. She has got the stamina in the cowgirl to ride you and l tried to hold back but that is a battle you can't win when this Wylde child is riding you. 
- Moved to Reverse cow girl for the view of that thick booty on the small frame. This view was super hot. 

The girl truly enjoys what she is doing and it shows in the sessions with her.

Repeat sessions continue"

— TERB: Review: Indy Sasha Wylde


- March 10, 2018 -

"For those of you who haven't met her yet in person, she is truly a thing of beauty. Every ounce of her petiteness drips with sensuality. She says she is 5 foot nothing but really she is 5 foot something! I know her greekness is very well reviewed earning her the title of greek godess. I, on the other hand, know her as the queen of the sloppy bbbj. There is no one better in my books. Not sure how she generates so much saliva. I've learned to bring a towel to bed or risk sleeping in a big puddle later that night. The combination of her mouth, DT, the twist of her hand, the look in her eyes as she stares so beautifully up at me brings me to a state of frenzy...

... For those who fancy the trip, I understand her rates are now inclusive of a trip to greece...might have to see the country one day. Personally I think she throws it in because she enjoys it so much."

— TERB: Sasha - Independently Wylde review


- Feb 25, 2018 -

"She is an amazing petite PSE provider with a good head on her shoulders, really fun to talk to - especially if you follow hip-hop, fashion, travel, or pop culture. She is without a doubt one of the hottest women I have ever had the pleasure of seeing and is a complete freak in the sheets. Head game like few other women I’ve ever met before and she’s like an energizer bunny when it comes to the main event...

... If you can’t connect and have a good time with a woman as sexy and cool as Sasha then you probably don’t deserve her. Will continue to repeat and highly recommend."

— TERB: Sasha Wylde - Awesome Indy


- Feb 19, 2018 -

"Jesus Christ. I could just end the review by just saying that but you guys deserve more

I saw the ad and was immediately intrigued by this little Chinese minx, CBC to be exact which for some reason a lot of you like where I just like Asian chicks in general. Then the words hit me like a truck - "Greek goddess". Omg,omg,omg,omg!...

... So, I've found a new favourite. This chick checks all the boxes for me. Short, shapely, cute as fuck and a minx in the bed. She loves to fuck. She loves to kiss, and she's great at both...

... Do I recommend? At 350 an hour, I do. She's the most "worth it" girl I've been with in these several years of pooning. I've never felt so good spending that kind of coin which is why I decided a while ago to stop wasting my money at this price point. It has rarely been worth it but with Sasha Wylde, I'm happy to part with my cash for her company. 

From what I understand, she offers MSOG, bbbj, maybe CIM, and greek all inclusive. Her barriers are obviously no bbfs and no COF. Based on Toronto reviews, she does employ a modicum of YMMV to her time and services so just treat her nice and with respect, be funny (or try to be) and don't be an asshole. She'll reward you with her body and her enthusiasm. 

In short, she's the best provider I've ever been with."

— PERB:  Bobert Meets Sasha Wylde TOFTT


"... Sasha is a dynamo, a deviant, a dirty girl, a dream come true. It was my absolute pleasure to meet her and if only I had stuck around longer it would be a definite repeat as I would desperately want to push harder and higher to see if we could outdo our first encounter.

Thank you Sasha for making me feel like a Champion."



"Sasha is a smoking hot, young, funky Asian with a open personality and mind. Everything was on the table. Highlights include: Amazing DFK, one the best sloppy BBJs ever, DATY/DATO, playing with her butt-plug, FF, FS in multiple positions, dirty talking, hard digits, and there still has to be more.

What more can you want?? There is nothing more to want. Full scores across the board in my opinion. If you want to live like a rockstar, Sasha is the one. Enjoy responsibly."



"As I reflected on our encounter, I found myself thinking "wow, that was incredible" and then wondering "what was it about Sasha that made it so great?" It occurred to me that my experience with Sasha was similar to one of those rare dining experiences in a sophisticated and elegant, but unpretentious, restaurant - perhaps in New york or in Paris among the blossoming trees in June. An experience where everything is provided with great skill, care, and attention to detail. More than a professional experience - its artistry...

... She met me with a light embrace and kiss and then stepped back. She initiated a conversation. A real conversation in which she inquired about me, my work, my interests. I was also invited to learn about her. This was not a fake interaction. Sasha was interested and curious. As was I. This opening conversation reveals a part of her artistry. Sasha was learning, gauging my interests, and establishing intellectual intimacy. Sasha is bright and insightful. She cares about people and aspires to make a small positive dent in the world with her good works...

... Throughout Sasha communicates - what feels good, what she wants you to do, what she will do to you. All in sexy whispers and with her killer eyes revealing erotic intent. Urging me. At the climactic peak Sasha is everywhere - I see, feel, smell, hear, and taste her. In the denouement we talk more, learn more. A kiss at the door and I leave wobbly kneed, smiling, and thinking "wow, that was incredible."

— TERB: "Sasha TGF - sophisticated, elegant, hot, and knock-your-socks-off PSE"


"The Sasha Experience

All you have to be is literate, be able to read, to understand how passionate and explosive Sasha can be. She is a woman of many talents and pleasure centres...if that makes any sense...she is pleasured and gives pleasure in many different ways and excels at it.

Anyways, were was I...right. So from the moment I entered our companionship arena I was taken a back and grateful for being in the company of the woman that stood before me. Her smile, disposition and appearance was very satisfying on its own. She was courteous, down to earth and friendly, putting me at ease instantly. She took my coat and hung it. I excused myself for a shower and washed up thoroughly as I always do, looking forward of my time with Sasha.

It was an explosive time...Im using the word explosive a lot here I find....and it went quick..too quick. I need a re-match. She is a very skilled provider who is extremely passionate and seemed to enjoy her time with me. She is very engaging and knows what she likes and knows what I like and caters to it effectively. Her size and versatility makes for a dynamic and powerful session. It was over before it started...sigh.."

— TERB: Sasha at TGF: Memoirs of A-Sasha. (Weak title for an Explosive Woman)


"Sasha opened the door and my jaw dropped. I felt like a kid on Christmas eve counting down the seconds till midnight waiting to open my gifts. She was wearing a beautiful lingerie set with heels. Wait, did i mention she's breathtaking? Lol well, she is to me!! I was dying to give her a hug right away so i just went in for it. I noticed her septum piercing and tasteful tats, which by the way i think suits her perfectly! As a guy with piercings and tats myself, i love a girl with the same. We chatted a bit and then i jumped in the shower. She's very easy to talk to and that smile tho!! 

After the shower, she was waiting for me in the room and she asked me to come over on the bed. We chatted a bit more and got started. Lots of deep passionate kissing, she smells and feels so good. Her skin is so soft and smooth. Her lips and her tongue were constantly exploring, i think you get the gist! We flipped over and she began to go down...my goodness, by far the best BJ i've ever had. Im not one that could ever pop from a BJ but i probably could have if she kept going.

We flipped over so that hopefully i could return the favor. I started by kissing her all over and she was very responsive, slowly making my way down. Ill just say, she was very tasty and juicy. I could have just kept going on and on.

On to the main event! I've always wanted to try GREEK and tho many SP offer, i wanted and waited for Sasha for months to "pop that cherry" lol and by god she did. It was fantastic!

I'll just stop here... expectations met and exceeded. I'm so happy i waited for Sasha.

Repeat? Yes, yes YASSSSSS!! HAHAHA"

— TERB: Sasha @ TGF


"Showed up at her place. Beautiful young Asian girl greets me. Smooth skin, long hair. Friendly, easy to talk to and happy to provide all my requests. Pretty much anything you can think of she would do with a smile on her face. Amazing bj! Probably one of the best!

There is really nothing I can say that the other reviews didn't mention it except that she sucks at photography. Honestly, the only reason why I waited so long to see her is because I though she is on the larger side (according to her pics). Not that anything is wrong with larger women it's just not my cup of tea. She has a million pics on her twitter and for some reason I though she is larger. When I saw her, she had an amazing small spinner body. I love her young and tight body Usually when I show up to a meeting I get disappointed at the angles girls take pics or photoshop (skin smoothing), this was not the case with Sasha. I think this is the first time I showed up and the girl looks hotter then I expected.

Will definitely repeat if you all stop booking her so I can get a spot."

TERB: Yet Another Sasha TGF Review


"We got into it for a solid hour and it ranked up there with one of my best experiences. She is not shy and not one to turn down a challenge. As I've mentioned she's got an edge about her and it allowed me to pretty much give her all I've got without worrying over whether she'd complain. Without going though a wordy play by play here are all the relevant acronyms: sloppy BBBJ/DT with gagging, DATY, digits (aggressive --by her request), MPOS, Greek, CIM finish w/o SW. The whole session neither felt rushed or forced. She's a natural at making you feel great.

Repeat: definitely.

Thanks Sasha, you gave me the best sleep ever that night!"



"She's really pretty, and very petite. Sexually, she knows her stuff; with the BBJ being exceptional, and from what I gather if you want a little more PSE she knows how to deliver that, too. The session was open, with good conversation and we both seemed to enjoy ourselves. I booked two hours so that I had time to feel comfortable."



"Sasha greeted me in a lovely Lacey black lingerie number that I requested. Sasha has a lovely personality and certainly matched the numerous pictures on her Twitter feed ( also a good way to check her schedule, posts very frequently ). Our session was only 40 minutes, but Sasha was enthusiastic making for a great experience. I'm an ass man, for certain, but without a doubt I found Sasha's breasts to be quite literally the most perfect I have ever found, amazing. Sasha is young and confident, lovely hair her skin was perfect, wore a very pleasing scent."

— TERB"Sasha TGF"