Walk On the Wylde™ Side

My name is Sasha Wylde and I am a highly-reviewed Canadian-born Chinese companion based in Toronto. As an open-minded lover, I have a reputation for curating lustful and Wylde™ experiences that will leave you craving more. Making love to me is a beautiful balance of ropes and romance.

In contrast to my uninhibited sexual prowess, I have a calm and sweet demeanour, as well as a playful, care-free spirit. Quirky and candid, thoughtful and introspective, and everything in between. I can be the perfect conversationalist to share a lovely dinner with, just as much as I can be the perfect arm candy for a night on the town.

Date Sasha.

True intimacy starts in the mind, and it flourishes beautifully between two people who enjoy each other’s company. Let us get to know each other and share some laughs over dinner, as we build intensity & a sense of closeness towards a Wylde night between the sheets.

You’ll learn that when I’m not lost in introspection, I talk a lot about travel, food, and music— which I am deeply passionate about. Sharing my favourite restaurants and dishes with good company brings me joy, but if you’re someone who is aware that “Walk On The Wild Side” is a song by Lou Reed, or that A Tribe Called Quest sampled it on “Can I Kick It?”, you’re someone who’d be perfect to take me to a show or a shopping trip to the local record store.

Whether or not you’re a fellow foodie or well-versed in music, I am a curious and open-minded cutie pie with an intense need for spontaneity & new experiences.

In other words, nothing turns me on more than a man who can show and teach me new things!


HEIGHT:  5'0" |  WEIGHT:  106lbs
MEASUREMENTS: 32C (Natural) - 24 - 35
SHOES:  5/5.5 | DRESS: 0/2
BODY TYPE:  Petite/Hourglass
MBTI TYPE:  INFP (The Healer)