I am thrilled you are interested in spending some time with me! Make sure you have gone over my philosophy (to ensure we’re a good fit) and my schedule (updated regularly) before inquiring.

Please specify not only the day, but a time as well in order to speed up booking process. Inquiries that are respectful, thorough, and ***concise***, including all required info, is foreplay at its finest. Gets me really wet, Daddy.

Response Time

Once you have filled out my contact form, please allow 24-72 hours for a response.

I manage all my admin (my website, Twitter, emails, texts, etc) and while I am generally on top of things, there may be rare instances where I’ve only responded to you in my head 😅, so if I am taking longer than expected to reply, feel free to bump your email no more than once.

Not all inquiries are guaranteed a response, especially inquiries that are last minute (but you can still try), lacking information, sketchy, or inquiries that indicate that we will not be a good fit.


My reviews should give you a general idea of what I offer. While I do not charge for anything extra outside of my rates, certain services are not always guaranteed. This is dependent on factors such as size, hygiene, and my level of comfort with you. I may be the Greek Goddess, but even goddesses have limits.


I confirm appointments 1-2 days before our scheduled appointment through your preferred method of communication.


I will not vouch for clients that I have only met once. If you wish to use me as a reference for another provider, please ensure we have met at least 3 times.


Deposits (50%)

While deposits aren’t mandatory for shorter appointments (under 3hrs), they are certainly preferred and appreciated, especially with new clients. Appointments made with deposits will always be prioritized as it lets me know that you are respectful of my time and serious about meeting me.


  • Deposits are non-refundable unless I am the one who cancels.

  • You will lose your deposit if you reschedule with less than 24hrs notice

  • You will lose your deposit if you have already rescheduled twice.

  • **** IF YOU RESCHEDULE **** , you must reschedule with at least 24hr notice with an exact date. I will not hold onto your deposit indefinitely. If you fail to provide a date you would like to reschedule for, your deposit will be forfeited.


If an appointment is cancelled in less than 24hrs, a fee (50% of donation) will apply.


Grooming + Hygiene

I expect your nails to be cut and for you to be groomed Down There. Showers upon arrival are mandatory.


I like to hope that my clients are not only discreet, but also possess common sense. When you arrive at my incall, or anyone’s incall for that matter, please do so quietly. This means that you should not knock heavily (or at all) nor should you use your “outdoor voice” upon entering the room/unit.

The Envelope

Present it upon arrival. Bonus points if you have it sealed in a red pocket :)