hardly home, but always reppin'

it’s been a while since i’ve posted…
i was traveling around east asia and spending some time in vancouver, and i gotta say, it feels really fucking good to be in toronto, even if only for a brief period of time. i missed home 💗

aside from the love yall always show me when i come home, there’s really no place like toronto. i haven’t spent a ton of time here since having gone indy early last year, but that has probably made me appreciate this city even more. i was pretty bummed that i planned all my travels/vancouver tour during the raptors hype. but i was in awe with the turnout for all the celebrations and the parade. you take a look at the fanbase and there are people from all walks of life. i remember drake pointing out the same thing at one of his shows— he lit up the entire audience and asked everyone to observe the diversity in the crowd, something he doesn’t see at his shows down south or anywhere else. toronto does it for the culture like no otha.

speaking of the turnout for the raptors parade, there was a very similar turnout in hong kong around the same time but for something less celebratory. i’m glad i ended up going to hong kong 2 weeks before shit went down with the protests against the extradition bill. but it’s incredible how 2 million people united and came together peacefully for the most part. it sucks that they’re inevitably going to be caught up in china’s orwellian mess, but clearly, they have a strong sense of identity separate from mainland china, and it’s commendable how hard they’re fighting for what’s left of their autonomy and democracy. after my travels in taiwan and hk, and the events that have been reminiscent of the umbrella movement, i started to have a deeper understanding of why my parents’ families immigrated to toronto in the late 70s. the writing was on the wall a long time ago and all of this only deepens my appreciation for being born and raised in toronto/canada. there’s so much that we have here, especially freedom (freedom of expression, freedom of press, freedom of speech, etc), that we should never take for granted.

now that i’ve done the whole getting-in-touch-with-my-roots experience, i don’t plan on traveling until maybe mid-late fall. it’s too hot and expensive to go anywhere, and i recently got back into weightlifting which i’d like to focus more seriously on. i also think that what i need most right now is being home, whether if it’s toronto or vancouver. plus, i’m out here finessin with two leases under my name now so i gotta make the most of it! but it’s all gucci. i love having the flexibility to come and go, coast to coast. i’ll likely spend a little more time in vancouver this summer because the weather is amazing around this time of the year and i find that i am able to give myself permission to take things easy when i’m out west— something i’ve been improving on this year to balance out my ambitious, workaholic ways. i don’t see my dual residency being a super long-term thing, but who knows. for now, it keeps my life interesting to say the least :~)

with that said, i’m all yours for a wylde™ summer, dear lovers❣️
i’ll leave you with some romantic inspiration from daniel caesar— a toronto homegrown r&b artist who’s been on my rotation this past week.