"cab fare"

the first dude i ever fell in love with was a tattoo artist/graffiti delinquent out in hamilton— back when i had a strong penchant for bad boys. i was 18, he was 25, we had a short, sweet fling. he was particularly memorable because he was the one who introduced me to an eclectic range of music— from old school hip hop to niche, experimental, vaporwave shit.

of all the music he enlightened me to, souls of mischief’s “cab fare” has a special place in my heart. i first listened to it when we were locked in post-coital cuddles, fingers interlaced. i was instantly a fan— the sweet little flute riff got me.

funny enough, a client from new york and i were discussing music about a year ago. we were talking about some old school stuff and mentioned cab fare being one of my favourite songs. i played it for him and he immediately recognized the tune having been sampled from the theme song of “taxi”, a show i’d never heard of. that was pretty cool.

one of my favourite things about music is when artists sample each other, transcending genres, and in some ways, giving credit where it’s due. it’s also a great way to discover new music, music that you’d never discover on your own or think you would enjoy. perhaps sampling in music, in addition to meeting people with an impeccable taste in music, is one of the few authentic, spontaneous forms of music discovery nowadays, in an age of repetitive, algorithmic recommendations. “algorithms rule everything around me”, wu-tang clan once rapped. or something like that. it might have been cash.

enjoy cab fare 😚