keeping it real, keeping it wylde™

two keys of being successful as an escort is being realistic with what rates works for you and staying true to yourself. or as us millennials say, keeping it a hunnid 💯.

your best regulars (or your own ego) may tempt you to raise your rates, and while that is flattering, you have to be honest with what works best for you. it’s easy to get caught up in rate comparisons (which i’ve fallen victim to before), but a good rule of thumb is to only increase your rates if you would like less volume than you currently have. someone who is charging well-above-average rates may not even be what your idea of busy is, or have the same goals as you, which renders comparing rates moot.

it’s also good to keep in mind that our business as providers is a separate entity from our actual selves. our rates don’t dictate our worth as people, they are simply the value of the service and experience we provide. of course, we would all love to charge what we think we deserve (* trump voice * “billions and billions!), but realistically, there’s a ceiling to how much we can charge. sex work isn’t exactly an even playing field, so the level of that ceiling will vary between different providers. this is why it’s important to just stay in our lanes, focus on furthering ourselves in the best way we can, and achieving our goals.

in addition to being realistic with our rates, not getting too caught up with classist branding is just as important. it’s chill to pop our red bottoms in photos and plug in high-end lingo + all things bad&bougie.mp3 into our marketing, because to an extent, the materialistic fluff can give our image a bit of influence. however, you’ll be saner and better off in the long run by balancing your brand out with authenticity and creativity. i am paradoxically a lazy perfectionist, so my life revolves around working smart and not working hard. to me, carrying this ethos into this profession means being selective and only acquainting myself with lovers who i know i will click with, and not have to be pretentious around (it’s exhausting when i can’t be myself). these are the gentlemen who make me forget that i am working at all— the ones who i get lost in conversation with and/or dick me properly into ecstasy. all i’m saying is that letting the best parts of your personality and quirks shine through will only attract awesome clients (like mine) who will grow on you & make the job more rewarding ♡